COngo lomo

In 2013, I bought a small pink Diane+ Lomography camera I took back with me to the Democratic Republic of Congo where I lived, and started this personal series of photographs.  I've left DRC since, but this is still a work in progress, reflecting on the paradox of life in the east of the DRC: a land blessed with natural beauty, a kind and resourceful people yearning for peace, and yet, the pervasiveness of violence and poverty. What I wanted to capture through these photographs is the slow beating of daily life, the normalcy tinged with the shadows of brooding conflicts hovering like ever present ghosts over the most mundane of events. Photographing on film is an unpredictable process with any camera, but especially with a Lomo in the Congolese heat and humidity for long stretches of time. Many scenes I hoped would translate into good pictures came out pitch black - I believe they were secrets that Congo kept, making these few captures all the more precious to me.  You can purchase prints here.

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